RedZone Robotics fascinates President Obama at the NREC

Today I had the privilege of seeing President Obama speak at Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC).


The President came to Pittsburgh to launch the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a national effort to invest in cutting-edge technologies that will create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our nation’s competitiveness in the global economy.


While in town, Obama was introduced to a range of technologies being produced in our region that would do just that. And, one of the technologies he highlighted during his press conference was from IW portfolio company and CMU spinoff, RedZone Robotics.


Here’s the transcription from the President’s comments earlier today:


“I just met with folks from a local company, RedZone Robotics…who make robots that explore water and sewer pipes. And I have to say, it is fascinating stuff, when you watch–the robot is about this big. It can go through any sewer system. It’s operated remotely by the municipal worker. It’s got a camera attached so it can film everything that it’s seeing. It then transmits the data. It goes into a citywide database, and can enhance the productivity of these workers by three or fourfold, and help the city make even better decisions. Potentially this can save cities millions in infrastructure costs. Companies also are training new workers to operate the robots, and analysts to pore through the data that’s being collected.”


It’s always great to hear others (especially the President of the United States!) recognize the leading edge solutions being developed in Pittsburgh and the importance of investing in innovations that will help our economy grow and not only lead to more jobs, but better jobs.


I’ve had the pleasure of personally working with the RedZone team over the years and I want to personally congratulate everyone on their team for helping to put our robotics community on the map.